New translation management portal

Following the excellent job that Silicon Dales did with the website, I have now added a translation management portal to our offerings. This portal gives both our customers and our freelance associates as well as the project management team an online way to securely access our services.

From an online quote, through to an application to work for us as a freelancer; all the functions are available.

The 256-bit encryption means that there is no need for a potentially insecure e-mail to send us a document for translation. The finished translation is available for download when ready. There is also a means for customers to have their own portal with e-mail and file management facilities.

For our freelance associates, there is also a portal. Here you can view the available tasks, current and completed jobs as well as control your settings. We also provide a credit note for completed work which will make the administration of invoices for work done easier for both of us.

I am really excited about the new portal, and I hope you will be too!

Visit the portal at:

If you are a freelance translator and wish to be a part of our team, you can enter your details securely here:

Look forward to any feedback that you have about the site. I will use it from now on to process all the projects that we receive from clients!


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