Freelance Translator Recruitment

Freelance Translator Recruitment

Happy New Year from all of us at Heppe-Smith Technical Translation Ltd.

Are you looking for more […] Click here to continue reading

Movember 2014

Well, it is that time of the year again where my top lip is excused razor duties. As for the […] Click here to continue reading

Worn out keyboard

Amazing the difference a new keyboard makes to the translating process. After nearly three years of service, I have retired […] Click here to continue reading

Word crimes Weird Al

This was sent to the team by a family member, and it is so good it definitely should be shared.

[…] Click here to continue reading

October news

Cannot believe that it is almost November. Seems like yesterday that we were in April!

Things have been moving on […] Click here to continue reading

Squirrel… In German!

This came from my wife, and is really quite amusing. Thanks to the original poster and to my wife for […] Click here to continue reading

Certificate translation (birth, marriage, death, qualifications, etc.)

As a new service, we are now able to offer translation of birth certificates from English into German, German into […] Click here to continue reading

Longest word in the German dictionary is no more…

Shock! Horror! “Sesquipedalians – lovers of long words – will shudder. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobics – those with a fear of such grandiloquence […] Click here to continue reading

Lost in translation III – importance of proofreading

This picture from a story in the UK’s Daily Mirror shows why it is vitally important as a translator to […] Click here to continue reading

April madness – technical translation special offer

For new customers, we are delighted to offer a 5% discount* to our standard prices for translation work from German […] Click here to continue reading


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