Trados 2007 on a Windows 7 64-bit computer

I prefer to use Studio 2009, but some clients have projects which require 2007 to complete or process.

I was using a separate computer to my main working computer to do this as I had problems getting 2007 to install on a Windows 7 64-bit system – this was inefficient and somewhat annoying as to move files between the two involved the network storage or a memory stick. The answer was amazingly simple – use the Windows XP virtual machine which comes with Windows 7 as standard. Problem solved.

I hope that SDL 2011 when it arrives later in the year will prevent the need to run 2007 at all, but if it does not – it does run OK in a virtual machine.

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  • An addendum to this post.

    While this worked for the installation and subsequent use, the fact that the licence from Trados was not recognised on subsequent starts meant that I had to resort to using Trados 2007 on an older computer system. Happily, the new 2011 Studio version is much more compatible with the older 2007 version and I have not had to use the 2007 version since the new one came out.

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