Worn out keyboard

Amazing the difference a new keyboard makes to the translating process. After nearly three years of service, I have retired my old Logitech MK710 wireless keyboard and replaced it with, yes, you guessed it… Another Logitech MK710 wireless keyboard. Available from Amazon.de with EUR 20 off at the moment. Best thing with the keyboard and mouse I found over the past three years is that I have not needed to replace the batteries once. Compared to other wireless keyboards and mice that I have used in the past, this is a great thing! It also has a well designed wrist support which makes typing less of a chore. No, I am not on commission!

This is the first thing I have typed with the new keyboard. Apart from the fact that all the letters are visible again, the difference in the keyboard action is really noticeable. I guess the coffee, dust and other grunge which accumulates in the keys really does make a difference.

So, with that piece of trivial news, on with the next translation project!

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